To weed or not to weed.  That is what I say to myself at least once a week!  And after working, going to school and taking care of the kids, the last thing I feel like doing is weeding! 

Well good news… I have found some easier ways to get rid of dandelions and weeds from your lawn that I would like to share with you:

Pouring hot water over any weed that you want to kill will work.  The weeds essentially die.  You can also try pouring lemon juice on them too.  I never tried the lemon juice idea but I heard it works.

Sprinkle a handful of baking soda onto concrete and  sweep it into the cracks of the paved patios and walkways.  The sodium helps the weeds die.  Borax can also be used, and Borax helps keep ants away.  The downside of Borax though is that is can kill other plants so be careful where you use it.

Remove dandelion heads while they are still yellow flowers.  If you prevent them from getting to the germination phase you can stop most of them from growing and spreading.

Lastly, pouring white vinegar over your weeds also helps because the acidic liquid should help kill them.  Some people have tried house vinegar that is 5 to 10% acidic and have gotten good results.  There is a vinegar called “Burnout” that is made just for gardeners that will kill weeeds the non-toxic way.  Burnout is supposedly 15 to 25% acetic.  If anyone has ever tried Burnout, I would love to hear about the results!