file0001207444674Living an eco-friendly lifestyle doesn’t have to stop just because you are moving.


As you plan your move, here are some great ideas to keep you environmentally “savvy” and green….

~ Get rid of all the things you don’t use and don’t think you will need in your new location.  The less you need to pack, the better.  Besides, getting rid of unused items ahead of time will save you money on shipping costs and packing material.

~ Pack your items in reusable, sustainable boxes.   Reusable boxes can be used 500 times more than cardboard boxes.  Many companies rent or sell reusable boxes and also offer delivery and pick-up services.

~ If you are a fan of cardboard boxes, ask your local stores or even your friends if they have boxes or other packing materials you can use.  Start collecting them months in advance and maybe you can get everything you need for free!  You can also have cardboard boxes delivered to you free from

~ Save money and ditch the bubble wrap!  Wrap fragile items in towels, sheets, blankets, curtains, and bedding that you are planning to take with you.

~ Hire an eco-friendly moving company that is stocked with recycled cotton pads and uses bio-diesel fuel in their trucks.

~ Clean your old home and your new home with non-toxic green cleaners.  (See my blog about the top ten natural ingredients that I clean my home with).