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Another Step Towards Reducing Cleaning Time at Home

June 21, 2012

Every year, the last two weeks in June are extremely hectic for me.  Trying to balance work, school, kids activities, final exams, graduations, and end of year parties, my life gets overwhelmed and my house gets really messy!  I try my best to keep my stress level at a minimal but when I come home to a dirty house, my stress level increases. 

Because my cleaning time is very minimal, I always rely on the quickest ways to clean my house.  For starters, I use the same natural cleaners to clean just about every room in my house:  Vinegar, lemon juice, and baking soda. 

Vinegar is like an all-purpose cleaner, a disinfectant, and a deodorizer.  By mixing equal parts of vinegar and water in a spray bottle, I can clean most of my home with this wonderful solution.  The vinegar smell usually subsides once the vinegar dries.

Lemon juice is great for dissolving soap scum and hard water deposits.  Because of its natural bleaching qualities, lemon juice can also be used to treat stains.  I usually make a paste using lemon juice mixed with baking soda.  Sometimes I mix lemon juice with vinegar instead.  Before using lemon juice, I would recommend testing it on a hidden surface area first.

I use baking soda as a deodorizer.  I also rely on it to scrub surfaces, countertops, and bathtubs!  I use it in my laundry and for brushing my teeth…it is a great cleaner because of its versatility.



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