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Celebrate with Your Loved One by Going Green on Valentine’s Day

February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine’s Day! 

Did you send that “special someone” a gift yet?  If not, there’s still time! 

Show your loved ones that you are thinking of them and the environment by going green!

~ Send your loved ones e-cards.  This way they can receive them anytime, anywhere. 

~ If you prefer sending a card other than an e-card, make sure the card is made from tree-free or recycled paper.  Usually the cards will mention this on the back.

~ Show them how much you care by giving them perfumes made from natural ingredients.

~ Eco-friendly jewelry made from metals, gemstones, and wood are sure to be a big hit this Valentine’s Day.  Or, save money and buy pre-owned jewels.  If you are planning on proposing, think of buying an eco-friendly wedding ring.   

~ Gift cards or gift certificates to health food stores or health spas are very thoughtful and much needed!

~ Capture the beauty of the earth by taking a romantic stroll through the park or touring a wildlife reserve or museum. 

~ For those wanting to give flowers or make a romantic dinner this evening, support your local farms, produce stands, and flower shops by shopping local.  Don’t forget to buy organic fruits and vegetables!  Earth-friendly candles and a bottle of organic wine will complement your romantic setting beautifully!

~ If you prefer to dine out this evening, save gas and dine locally.

~ For a thoughtful but sexy gift, buy lingerie made from organic, silk, or bamboo.

~ Organic or Fair Trade chocolate is a perfect gift for the chocolate lover in your life.   

~ Instead of buying a gift for that special someone, why not donate to a good cause in that person’s name?  Choose a charity or cause that they believe in.

~ My personal favorite gift of all time…..let your loved one feel like a queen for the day and hire a professional green cleaning company to come in and clean your home!

 However you choose to celebrate this special day today, keep your environment in mind by going green!

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