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Chickens Refuse GMO Food – Why? Wellness Wire

August 07, 2009

On a private estate, a flock of indigenous African chickens refused to eat their new maize. Suspicious, the gardener brought the matter to the attention of the estate owner, who promptly asked to have the maize tested.  It was discovered that their feed had been made from a genetically modified organism (GMO) that  included a weed and insect killer! It contained BT1 which makes the maize insect resistant, as well as Roundup which makes it weed resistant.  The estate has since switched the chicken’s food to include organic vegetables. Politically, concerns by NGOs  in Africa such as Biowatch, the African Centre for Biosafety and SAFeAGE about the lack of control over GM crops and contamination of non-GM crops had largely been ignored.

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