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Green Your Allergy Season

Tips to minimize your allergy symptoms

Spring is here, but with it comes seasonal allergies, which are affected by pollen from flowers, trees, grass, and a host of other factors right outside our windows.  For allergies to seasonal things, like pollen, or those in your home, like dust mites, there’s a lot you can do to minimize the misery:

Hot Water For Laundry

Wash your bedding weekly in water that is at least 130°F to keep dust mites in check. These bugs also live in clothes and carpeting, but their highest concentrations are in beds. Washing with cold or warm water will not help get rid of dust mites, and the dryer alone is not hot enough to kill all of them.

Air Filter

Keeping the air clean in your home can bring relief from pollen, mold, and pet dander. HEPA (high-energy particulate arresting) filters are most efficient. This kind of filter has been shown to remove 99% of airborne particles without producing harmful by-products. They are ideal for bedrooms and living rooms.  When buying larger units, note the square footage a purifier can treat, listed on the package.


Keep your home cool and dry to decrease mold, dust mite growth and roach intrusions. One study found that levels of dust mites and other allergens dropped significantly in homes where the relative humidity was lower than 50%. To maintain this level, you may need to run your air conditioner along with a dehumidifier. However, remember to empty the unit’s water often and clean it regularly, according to the manufacturer’s instructions, to prevent mold growth.

Use your bathroom exhaust fan when taking a shower

This will help prevent to growth of mold in the shower. Cleaning your bathtub or shower liner is also important. Better yet, replace your liner every month or two, if you have mold sensitivities or asthma.

Keep your dryer vent clear

Build-up of lint in the dryer vent will cause an excess of dust in your house. Have your vents cleaned regularly to avoid aggravating your allergy symptoms.

Use a vacuum with a HEPA Filter

HEPA filter vacuums do not recirculate back into the air the polluting particles that the vacuum has just picked up. Make sure you have a true HEPA filter and not a HEPA-like filter. You can tell by looking at the manufacturer’s test results of their filter. A true HEPA filter will have test results stating that .3 microns are 99.97 percent or above.

Get rid of clutter

Allergy sufferers need to be especially careful about controlling dust in their homes. And clutter is a major source of dust and dust mites. If you can’t see your floors or walls in closets and basements, you have a clutter problem. Just as clutter clogs your house and obstructs the free flow of energy in your home, clutter also clogs your nose and obstructs the free flow of life-giving air into your body.

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