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New Years Resolutions

I vowed to undergo a total house clean up this winter to mark the milestone of having owned my house for ten years.  I still haven’t started, but I have made my list of house cleaning tasks and have kind of slated a plan of attack.  These kind of projects are long coming because I conceive them as grand plans, rather than taking a more street level approach to just a laundry list of moderate-effort chores.  I should probably try the latter – maybe my house would get more regular attention.  But on I go with my major ritual.

First I’ll start with the closets.  There’s no better way to reinforce good behavior than the immediate gratification that comes with closets.  The Kidney Foundation is in my neighborhood every five or six weeks – I  have room in the garage to stack boxes waiting for pick up.  I can clean and organize all my closets in a weekend.

Windows are a harder effort but the reward is still high.  I use good old-fashioned vinegar and newspaper to clean my windows.  I can do the downstairs ones one weekend and clean the upstairs ones the next time I clean the gutters.  I’ll notice the difference all through the spring and summer when I’m inside my house. Cleaning the front door will also happen at this time to remove dust and pollen from the door panels and glass mullions. 

I can clean the inside of my bathroom cabinets and kitchen cabinets in one day.  I’d rather do this myself than have Maid Brigade do it.

When they do come, I have Maid Brigade clean all the baseboards, molding and cabinet fronts as well as light fixtures, kitcehn appliances and window blinds.  Their maids do a seasonal deep clean, which is basically all the regular house cleaning (vacuuming, dusting, mopping, changing bed lines, plus showers, toilets, sinks) tasks plus any extras that I request. 

I think I can complete these house cleaning tasks in the month of January.  I will have the seasonal deep clean the week after I finish my part of the list, as my due reward for completing these New Year’s To Do’s!

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