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President’s Cancer Panel Speaks About Exposure of Harmful Chemicals

May 11, 2010

On May 6, 2010, the President’s Cancer Panel issued a ground-breaking report to President Obama focusing on the role of the environment in cancer.  The Panel, appointed by the President, is charged to give an annual update of the status on the National Cancer Program, also known as the "War on Cancer."

This year marks the first time the Panel had focused on the role of environmental chemical exposures in cancer in their nearly 40 year history.

The report makes many critical statements about the current federal cancer research agenda which "has been limited by low priority and inadequate funding" in studying the role of chemicals in causing cancer, especially when those exposures occur during development. The report also chastises federal government agencies for "not fulfilling their responsibilities to protect public health" by performing the necessary regulatory functions to limit exposure to known or suspected carcinogens, such as asbestos, formaldehyde and trichloroethylene. The report also highlighted the need for reform of federal chemical policy and stronger regulation of chemicals by shifting the burden of proof from the government to the manufacturers with a focus on precaution and prevention.

Some of the Panel’s recommendations include:

  • Stronger regulation of environmental contaminants with a shift in the burden of proof for chemical safety to chemical manufacturers.
  • Full disclosure knowledge about environmental cancer risks.
  • Support for "green chemistry" and the development of safer chemicals.
  • Special consideration for vulnerable populations — including fetuses, infants, children, workers and people living in toxic "hotspots" where high levels of contamination exist.
Last month, both the U.S. House and Senate unveiled legislation to overhaul the nation’s outdated chemical law, the Toxic Substances Control Act. Though the bills differ, each would require chemicals to be assessed for safety as a condition of remaining on the market.


Maid Brigade House Cleaning Services supports a healthy, green environment, free of toxic chemicals.  Maid Brigade also believes in the new "Safe Chemicals Act of 2010", which requires safety testing of all industrial chemicals.

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