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The Dog Days of Summer…

The dog days of summer are here!  Hot sultry weather, delicious barbecues, and long beautiful summer nights.  I just love it….and so does my dog!

For all those dog lovers out there, here are some ways to keep your pet staying happy, healthy and safe all summer long…

It is very important to keep your dog hydrated and the dogs water bowls filled.  If your dog stays outside, make sure there is a bowl of water and some shady spots for him to sit and cool off.

Since dogs cannot take off layers of fur like we do clothes when we are hot, if you are planning any dog walks (or jogs) around the neighborhood,  try and do them in the early morning or evening hours when the temperature is low.  Dogs can suffer from heatstroke so don’t overdo it on those hot days.

Protect your dogs paws by letting them walk on the cool cement or grass when walking them.  The streets are just as hot on their feet as they are on our own.

Get out that sunblock because believe it or not, some short haired dogs and light-haired dogs can get sunburn!  Lather on some all-natural, fragrance-free sunscreen on you and then apply some to the dogs nose, tips of ears, and around their mouth.

Make sure your dog has the proper ID tags if taking them to the park or on a walk.  This way you will never lose your furry friend.

Always bring water for your pet, especially on those long walks or jogs…your dog NEEDS TO STAY HYDRATED!  Pet stores and most department stores carry fold up water bowls that you can take with you wherever your pet goes.

Never leave your dog in a car if the weather is warm, and especially not if it’s hot! Cracking the windows makes no difference in the temperature gain. It doesn’t take high temperatures for it to be dangerous. A car parked in the shade can reach dangerous temperatures on a hot day.  If the car is on the sun, the temperature can quickly rise up to 160°F. Even at a mild 72°F, the inside of a car can reach 116°F in an hour…plenty hot to kill a dog.  Please, if you are out running errands, the safest place for your dog is at home.

Dogs can’t sweat—they control their body temperature by panting. If the air in the car is near or above the dog’s body temperature (about 100°F), the dog will be unable to cool itself, and its body temperature can quickly rise to fatal levels (over 107°F). Symptoms of heatstroke to look for in your dog are rapid heart beat, lethargy, vomiting, heavy panting, salivation, disorientation, agitation, seizures, coma and death.

Show your pet how much you love them by keeping them happy and healthy all summer long!

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