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What Every Family Should Know

January 25, 2013

Most people use cleaning products that they know and trust.  But, do they know what ingredients actually make up that cleaning product?  There are many household cleaning products that have been known to cause health problems.  These health problems can range from mild, such as a headache or dizziness, to severe, such as cancer or neurological disorders.

Since the majority of people use at least one cleaning product a day, knowing what you are cleaning your home with is important.  The body has a hard time absorbing certain chemicals, so if you are using something the body cannot absorb, those chemicals can accumulate over time which may become harmful. 

In order to protect our families from harmful chemicals, we need to inform ourselves first.  Get used to reading product labels.  Research the “Household Products Database.”  Learn easy and inexpensive recipes that you can make at home that do not contain harmful toxins ( is full of great inexpensive, natural recipes and tips that you can use to clean your home)!

Be aware of ingredients such as formaldehyde, phalates, organochlorides, volatile organic compounds, and pesticides.  All of these have been proven to cause all kinds of health issues, such as birth defects, asthma, allergies, reproductive problems, and even cancers.

Learn the heart of “green cleaning” so your home stays HEALTHY and clean! 


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