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Wonderful Gift Ideas for Mother’s Day…

May 12, 2012

This year, honor your mom with eco-friendly goods that last longer—and mean more—than even the most extravagant bouquet of flowers.

No mother can resist a handmade project, no matter how old they are:

No matter how old you are, no mom can resist a handmade project—remember, this is the woman who kept a tracing of your toddler hands on the refrigerator until you went to college. Young kids (with help from Dad or older siblings) can turn plastic jugs and paper scraps into these recycled flower pots from Kaboose; other kid-friendly projects include DIY cards, paper flowers, and fingerprinted vases. If you’re old enough to turn your efforts toward something more complicated, try making perfume from garden flowers, a ring from one of her old vinyl records, or a mosaic tiled table, frame, or mirror.

Turn plastic jugs and paper scraps into recycled flower pots. Instead of buying a card, make your own mother’s day cards. How about trying to make perfum from a flower? For the younger ones, make fingerpainted vases, or turn plastic jugs into flower pots. For the older kids, try making a ring from an old vinyl record, or make a frame or mirror from leftover mosiac tiles.
If you’re not the DIY type, you can still give mom a gift that’s sentimental and heartfelt; plenty of sellers on Etsy will work with you to make bags, art, and jewelry to your specifications. Send in profiles of you and your siblings and they’ll be recreated with exacting detail on classic white backgrounds.

Take black and white shots and put them in colorful wooden frames made of lumber reclaimed from boats and houses.

Look for pieces of jewelry upcycled from glass and pottery. Mom will love that her gift is eco-friendly too.
Instead of buying a fruit platter, make your own fruit basket or platter will all the fruits mom loves.

Buy gifts online from stores that also raise money for good causes. Animal resuce places sell beautiful tea pots and jewelry online and some of the proceeds go to feeding animals in shelters. Add some organic tea bags and freshly baked scones for a tea party mom will love.
Take the kids and work aroung moms house for the day. Moms could always use help around the house! If you don’t feel like cleaning, hire a environmentally green cleaning company to do the work!

Plenty of moms say they don’t need anything for Mother’s Day, and the fact is, most of them are telling the truth. Finding a way to spend time together on or around the holiday will mean a lot to her. Cook an organic dinner, take a walk through a local park or beach, get tickets to that art exhibit she’s been wanting to see. It’s a perfectly-timed reminder that not all great memories come from consumerism.

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