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Eco-Friendly Maid and Cleaning Services in La Canada, CA

A Community Invested Home Cleaning Service

La Canada, CA is a city that appreciates beauty. Residents don't have to go far from their front steps to see a picture perfect view that anyone would envy. Whether it's the lovey hiking trails through Cherry Canyon Park or a visit to Descanso Gardens, we understand your desire to get out of the house and enjoy the area’s beauty. This is where Maid Brigade has helped thousands of homeowners and families over the years. Our team will work with you to create a plan that maximizes your budget and provides an optimal cleaning schedule that keeps your home sparkling clean! If you see one of our maids in uniform around town or a car parked in a neighbor’s driveway, stop and ask them what makes our house cleaners different. Over the past decade, we’ve handled the dirty work and left the fun of exploring to our clients. Get outside and enjoy the view compliments of Maid Brigade. Call us today at 626-799-6243 for a Free, No Obligation quote.

Green Clean Advantage

We aren’t your average cleaning service. Our maids use Green Clean Certified® products which are free of the harsh chemicals that can be harmful to your family. We care about more than simply removing dirt, dust, and stains from your home. The health of our customers and our employees is paramount in everything we do. For these very important reasons, we pioneered a better way to clean homes long before others. Our green cleaning provides sparkling results without leaving residues that can prove harmful to those with the greatest exposure. Want to learn more about green cleaning? Click on the Green Cleaning Guide at the bottom of this page.

Maid Brigade does more to protect our customers’ homes than healthier cleaning. We start by hiring highly-qualified maids and train them thoroughly before ever sending the new house cleaners inside your home. Our ladies always work in teams to be more efficient and clean following specific guidelines for maximum effectiveness. They are, also, licensed, bonded, and insured just in case that rare accident happens. It’s our goal to make your experience one that’s stress free and enjoyable. We’re here to earn your trust with every visit. All you need to do is kick-back and relax knowing that our teams are working for you!

Helping Us Give Back To Charities

By choosing us as your home cleaning service, you're also helping a group of great charities. We are proud contributors to great causes like Cleaning for Heroes and Cleaning for a Reason. As well, we partner with many others that help to improve the livelihood of families everywhere.

Cleaning for Heroes Cleaning for a Reason

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