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How to Determine Which Cleaning Service is Right for You

Choosing between cleaning services can be difficult. There are so many things to consider and you may feel like you have more questions than answers. Not to worry Maid Brigade is here to help you discern which cleaning service is right for you. We’ll start with some basic questions. Do you have an apartment or a home? Are you looking for a service to clean your home or your office….or maybe both? What’s more important to you? A service’s professionalism or the price of the cleaning service. Whew! Just thinking about it all can be exhausting.

Many cleaning services choose a specialty approach to their business. Some cleaning companies only provide residential or domestic services. Other cleaning services only clean offices or industrial spaces. Still other cleaning companies place high emphasis on professionalism and require extensive background checks on all of their employees. On the other hand some of the smaller cleaning services or independent cleaners may be less professional or forego insurance in order to offer cheaper prices.

We’ve asked you quite a few questions already, but we just have a few more. Why should you have to choose? Better yet, why can’t one cleaning service be all of these things and perform all of these services well? The answers: you don’t have to choose because Maid Brigade is your one-stop-shop cleaning service that can satisfy all of your needs. We clean apartments. We clean homes. We clean small offices. Maid Brigade also prides itself on professionalism. We require all maids to go through extensive background checks and training to ensure that the team members in your home are trustworthy and are doing a consistent and thorough job.

You may be thinking that a cleaning service like Maid Brigade must be out of your price range since it has so much to offer. Actually, Maid Brigade is very affordably priced and our costs are comparable if not cheaper to many other cleaning services. Just as Maid Brigade offers a wide variety of cleaning options for the type of cleaning you require, so do we offer a wide variety of pricing to suit as many budgets as possible.

Are you still considering other cleaning services? We think one of our defining factors is Maid Brigade’s community. Each of our franchises are locally owned and operated and when we welcome a new franchise owner it’s like welcoming someone into the Maid Brigade family. This familial spirit and sense of belonging spreads throughout every level of our organization and every office. With Maid Brigade as your cleaning service our family spirit will spread into your home too!