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Professional House Cleaning and Disinfection Services in Fort Myers, FL

PUREcleaning®: The Future of Cleaning and Disinfection

At Maid Brigade, we go beyond typical residential cleaning measures by pioneering innovations in home cleaning and cleaning technology. We've continued to evolve our cleaning process to help meet the needs of our customers and stay up to date on the most effective green cleaning solutions. Our trusted green cleaning process has always focused on wellness in our customers’ homes and creating a living space that feels healthier and looks spectacular. Now…We introduce True Home Cleaning and Disinfection with PUREcleaning® and PUREmist®!

This new and effective cleaning and disinfection technology was developed with the purpose of keeping your home clean and safe from germs and bacteria. Our PUREcleaning® system, combines the power of cleaning and disinfecting in your home. Germs, bacteria and viruses are a concern for all of us, and we recognize the importance of bringing safe cleaning and disinfection services to Every Home Cleaning. Our electrolyzed water multi-surface cleaning solution is perfect for cutting grease and lifting residue on your home’s surfaces. Combined with the electrostatic spray disinfection technology, PUREmist®, we can provide 360-degree hospital-grade disinfection on high-touch surfaces such as light switches and doorknobs. We are proud to have significantly increased the thoroughness of house cleaning and wellness for our customers while significantly reducing the associated harmful chemicals.

PUREcleaning® is:

  • Safe & Non-Toxic
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Green Seal Certified
  • Wool Safe Certified
  • Certified Organic
  • Safe For Children & Pets Upon Application
  • FDA Approved
  • EPA Registered
  • Salt Free & Non-Corrosive

Learn more about the benefits of PUREcleaning® in your home.

Reliable and Trusted Cleaning Services

At Maid Brigade, our employees are trained, bonded and insured. Our teams are reliable and we strive to provide exceptional customer service from our very first communication with you. We also make sure our teams are trained on our cleaning technology prior to entering your home. Our teams are given extensive training on our PUREcleaning® system and equipment, so every home is given top quality care, every time. Upon application, our cleaning and disinfecting solutions are safe for your whole family, including pets! You can always count on Maid Brigade to give your Fort Myers home a reliable cleaning and outstanding customer service.

Choose The Best Cleaning & Disinfection Frequency for Your Home

Commercial Disinfection

We recognize the importance of introducing commercial disinfection for businesses in our community. Keeping our community safe from germs, bacteria and viruses is more important than ever and we're here to help do our part! In addition to our residential disinfection services, we are now able to bring our 360-degree electrostatic spray disinfection services to small and medium sized businesses in Ft. Myers. Disinfection services in the workplace are crucial for the health and safety of your employees and customers. Whether you're looking for this service for your office, fitness center, place of worship or nursing home, we'd be happy to help lend a hand.

To inquire about commercial services, please give us a call, and we can discuss your business’ needs directly.