Maid Brigade Precautions in Response to COVID-19
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Dear Maid Brigade Las Vegas client,

As the news and media show us every single day, we are amidst a very intense and relentless virus season. This letter is to explain to you what we are doing on our end to be a responsible home cleaner for you. You have trusted us with your home, your family, and your pets in the past, now there is even more reason to do so. We are the only company in Las Vegas truly offering disinfection of your home or office, in addition, cleaning with electrolyzed water. Here’s some good news, we have been doing this ALL along, this is not a reaction to the current hysteria! You and we have been one step ahead of this before it even started! Now we need to STAY ahead and here are some of the things we are doing to accomplish this. This all starts with us having the ability to create our disinfectant product here in our office on a daily basis. “Orbio MultiMicro 200”. Not only do we always have a surplus of our disinfecting product, but we can also make enough to share it with ALL of our amazing clientele (ideas for logistics of this is in the works)

Most cleaning companies are simply only “cleaning” with toxic chemicals, but they are not disinfecting your home. If they tell you they are outright lying. In fact, they may be doing the opposite if they are not disinfecting their equipment, cars, and office multiple times a day. At Maid Brigade Las Vegas we have multiple levels of disinfection going on before we ever even enter your home. See below what we are doing in our office before ever allowing our teams to access your home for cleaning.

  • We will not allow a sick employee to work. Employees exhibiting any flu-like or COVID-19 symptoms will be sent home immediately and unable to return to work until medically cleared. All team members' temperatures are checked daily with 2 separate thermometers.
  • We are happy to clean and disinfect any home or office as long as there is no one actively sick on site. You NEED to be disinfected, and we are here for you!!
  • Although we are in high demand for our disinfection service, to protect our employees and existing customers, we will not clean homes or spaces with known exposure to COVID-19 or influenza.
  • Team members will wear gloves and masks in every home: NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • Team members are washing their hands with soap and water and using our patented hand purifier frequently throughout each day, and especially before and after cleaning a home.
  • Teams are disinfecting all equipment and company car daily (between each home) with our hospital-grade disinfectant and electrostatic technology. This is done 1st and last thing of the day as well
  • Our office is being disinfected multiple times per day.
  • All cleaning cloths and mops are washed and disinfected daily
  • Lastly, we give our employees Orbio 200 for free to take home and disinfect their own home daily. They were ecstatic to be allowed to do this!

In addition to already cleaning with Orbio 200 in bathrooms and kitchens, as well as hard surface floors, we are happy to be able to offer our “PUREmist” spraying technology. “PUREmist” is the application of our Orbio 200 disinfecting product with the use of our 360-degree electrostatic spraying technology.

This is the same electrostatic technology that Delta Air Lines is using on their aircraft. “PUREmist” sprays an electronically charged fine mist of our hospital-grade disinfectant to wrap and adhere to high-touch surfaces. With electrostatic technology, our product bonds to areas and thus DISINFECTS them. We are excited and proud to announce that ALL our teams are equipped with state-of-the-art electrostatic sprayers. Professional and PURE disinfection is not part of our normal cleaning process.

Our exceptional “PUREmist” spray eliminates cold and flu strains, E. coli, salmonella, H1N1, most viruses and a nice byproduct of our sprayers is it helps eliminate offensive odors…Being that it is a hospital-grade disinfectant, it has the fighting power necessary to help prevent the spread of harmful viruses such as influenza and COVID-19.

We thank you greatly and appreciate the trust you put in us to care for your home and family.

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