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Quality Maid and Cleaning Services in Lower Hudson Valley, NY

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Maid Brigade is like no other cleaning service because we’re the only Green Clean Certified® home cleaning service in the Lower Hudson Valley. What does this mean? It means we care about the health of your family, our staff, and the environment. We only use cleaning products and tools that are environmentally responsible, safe, and effective. Traditional cleaners leave harmful toxins in your home. The solutions and products used by our maids are designed to be effective and safer than others. All we leave behind is a sparkling shine!

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Green. A Better Kind of Clean.

The best way to get a thorough and healthier clean is with Green Clean Certified® from Maid Brigade. When our maids clean your home, every aspect is designed to provide the best result possible. We ensure quality by extensively training our staff, supplying fresh cleaning tools, utilizing special vacuums with HEPA-quality filter systems, color-coded microfiber cleaning cloths, and safer cleaning solutions. Our products are certified by Green Seal—the independent, non-profit organization that provides science-based environmental certification standards. All of this means that you can trust us to use only the highest quality cleaning products in your home. No more known or suspected carcinogens, endocrine disruptors, neurotoxins, and other hidden dangers that are in many household cleaners and pesticides. Not only do we provide your family a quality clean, you receive a responsible clean, as well. Quality care like this is what earned us the award for Franchise of the Year in 2005 and customer praise since!

Services. A Better Way to Choose.

Our team understands just how precious time is, especially for a busy woman like you. Simply put, it’s a challenge. Whether it’s your own schedule, your kids’ schedule, or your spouse’s, coordinating everyone seemingly requires a PHD and all of your available time. Let us help! Maid Brigade will work with you to design a cleaning schedule that’s easy on you and your budget. The professionals on our team will have your home looking great and give you time to do other (more important) things. Whether it’s preparing for a special occasion or handling those tedious tasks that require strong attention to detail, we’re all about helping.

Call us to learn how you can have your home cleaned on a regular basis from once a month to a few times a week. Even if it’s a special occasion and a few extra sets of hands are needed, our teams are here to help. Move-ins and move-outs, post-construction, before or after guests arrive and Spring Cleanings are all perfect opportunities to give us a call, as well!