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Quality Maid and Cleaning Services in Amity, OR

If Amity is the city “where friendship begins,” then residents should be spending their free time out in the community mingling at the local park or attending city events – not inside their homes cleaning. Leave the patio sweeping and baseboard scrubbing to Maid Brigade’s house cleaning crew so you can make more time for friends and family.

Wouldn’t it be nice if you had more time to take the family to movie night at the park or visit a local winery with your husband? Tack a few more hours back onto your day with the help of Maid Brigade’s cleaning service.

Our Amity maid service will tackle the not-so-fun chores, like wiping down kitchen countertops and straightening up the children’s rooms, while you tend to the more enjoyable things on your to-do list. Not only will they take care of your messes, they’ll do it in a safe and professional manner.

Our house cleaning crew is carefully screened, trained and certified prior to coming into your home to clean. All of our maids are trustworthy and respectable, keeping your safety and peace of mind one of our utmost concerns. Another way Maid Brigade focuses on the safety of our clients is through the use of holistic cleaning procedures and products.

The cleaning service we provide to the community is Green Clean Certified®. Traditional cleaning companies often use products that are harmful to your health and home environment – we don’t. The green products we use are free of toxins and carcinogens. Using microfiber cloths and mops and vacuums that improve indoor air quality are just a few of the ways that our maids contribute to a safe indoor environment for you, your family and pets.

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With a great staff, eco-friendly services and genuine care for our clients health and well-being, it’s pretty clear that Maid Brigade’s Amity maid service are the right people to call when you want to take a break from your domestic duties. So the next time you’d like to take the day off from tidying up your living space and take a day trip to the Pacific shoreline, contact our local office.