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Maid Brigade's Cleaning Services

Maid Brigade, our primary concern is the well-being of your family. We recognized early on the need for a better approach to cleaning that would benefit all involved. Over time, it’s become our mission to provide customers with a sparkling clean home without all the dangerous chemical residues. We quickly integrated the philosophy of health & wellness into everything our teams do. This is why we believe so strongly in the advantages of Green Clean Certified® house cleaning. This is the only house cleaning system that uses green chemicals certified by Green Seal for safe, thorough results. Doing what’s right protects your family, our employees, and the environment.

How Our Green Cleaning Services Work

ur cleaning professionals use researched and approved green cleaning products and equipment in your house, apartment, condo, or loft. Unlike the harsh chemicals used by traditional cleaners, our green cleaning solutions meet Green Seal’s strict environmental standards for industrial and institutional cleaners based on 1) reduced health risks and 2) smog production potential. Their stringent criteria includes:

  • No carcinogens
  • No human or aquatic toxins
  • No reproductive toxins
  • Non-corrosive to eyes or skin
  • Low volatile organic content
  • Non-flammable
  • Effective for intended use
  • Formulated and packaged for reduced environmental impact

The Down & Dirty

Ready for some of the ‘dirty details’ of how we get your home so clean? Maid Brigade’s cleaning professionals use HEPA-filtered, 4-stage filtration vacuums to remove 99.9% of air particulates 1 micron and larger for premium indoor air quality. Why do our vacuum cleaners perform better? Conventional vacuums aren’t able to trap and contain particulates pulled from the home, so many are released back into the air. This is such an important issue that the American Lung Association has dedicated resources to educating the public about indoor air quality and its relationship to your health. The vacuums we use are recommended by the Carpet & Rug Institute for meeting their Green Label Program standards for soil removal, dust containment, and carpet appearance retention. They’re also approved by the U.S. Green Building Council for LEED credit.

As part of a Regular House Cleaning, our teams will:

Standard Tasks

- Remove cobwebs
- Dust windowsills and decorative items
- Dust wall hangings and furniture
- Dust blinds and ceiling fans
(within reach)
- General tidying
- Vacuum all floors

Extra Touches

- Empty wastebaskets
- Place trash in outside receptacle
- Wash one sliding glass door, inside and out
(weather permitting)
- Vacuum family room furniture
- Wash window over sink
- Make beds


- Clean & sanitize outside all appliances, large and small
- Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
- Clean and sanitize stove top
- Clean microwave interior
- Dust and spot clean cabinet exteriors
- Hand wipe table and chairs
- Hand wipe small appliances
- Vacuum and mop floor


- Clean & sanitize shower and tub enclosure
- Clean and sanitize all counters and sink
- Clean and sanitize toilet
- Clean and shine mirrors and fixtures
- Fold towels
- Vacuum floor
- Mop floors

For the Deep Cleaning Service,
our teams can: (additional fees apply)

Wipe Woodwork

- Baseboards
- Doorframes
- Windowsills
- Cabinet exteriors
- Paneling


- Clean interior windows
- Clean sliding glass doors
- Clean French doors


- Spot clean walls

Special HEPA Vacuum tasks

- Upholstered furniture
- Pillows
- Bedding
- Mattresses
- Drapes
- Stuffed animals
- Carpet edging
- Window blinds
- HVAC vent covers


- Clean underneath area rugs
- Clean underneath/behind light, movable furniture
- Clean fireplace
(must be unused for a minimum 72 hours prior to cleaning)
- Polish silver

Green Clean Certified® Services You Can Trust

Each maid receives extensive training when hired and throughout employment to ensure the expert knowledge you expect from Maid Brigade’s cleaning professionals. We always use clean cloths and mops in your home. In fact, we take extra caution and utilize a color-coding system to eliminate the possibility of cross-contamination. What is microfiber? It’s a scientific weave that is more effective at removing dust, dirt, germs, grease, and lime safely and effectively. Also, microfiber lasts longer than traditional cotton, reducing environmental impact. Something else that Maid Brigade keeps out of your home is artificial fragrances. Gone are the days of simply “smelling clean.” We believe “if it looks clean, it IS clean!”

During each visit, we strive to provide you with more than a clean home. Our ultimate goal is to improve your quality of life! Maid Brigade is here to help in any way we can whether that means freeing-up Saturday mornings, helping prepare the home for a party, or knowing you have peace of mind that comes with a healthy living environment. We also understand that you look forward to making the most of your personal time with family, in quiet reflection (at a spa, of course!), or taking the long run that’s eluded you for weeks. It’s all about you! We’re ready to help reclaim that clean home and time in your week. Complete the FREE, No Obligation Estimate Form to get started.

You can always feel safe with Maid Brigade’s staff in your home. Our cleaning services are performed by employees of the company (not contractors) who are professional women and men that undergo extensive background checks. They are also bonded & insured for your protection. Accidents sometimes happen, and we want to protect our customers. Simply put, the peace of mind you feel is warranted! Team members work together and clean to your specifications. Best of all, everything is affordable and customizable. Like our many available home services, we offer a variety of pricing and scheduling options to fit your personal needs. Call us today at (866) 800.7640 for more details.