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    The teams at Maid Brigade do an excellent job each and every time they clean my home. I've been using them for years and highly recommend them for professional, high quality service!


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    Professional, quick and thorough. My oven and bathtub are sparkling, and the vacuums must be powerful because my carpet is a few shades lighter. I was impressed that they vacuumed the walls and even the bathroom fan. Wow!


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    The Maid Brigade team is amazing! They are friendly and professional. Diane is especially careful and responsive to any requests I make. They are a God-send to me as I have had two hand surgeries in the last few years and just not able to keep up with the cleaning. Thank you all!


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    I want to especially thank my team for working so late in the day. I'm sure their workday had been very long and although they arrived late, they were diligent and thorough in their cleaning and made sure everything was up to their usual high standard.


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    We're frequently working from home now so we're here during cleanings. Our crew is so flexible and courteous. We love seeing them.



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    4813-A Eisenhower Ave.
    Alexandria, VA 22304

    Areas we serve:

    Old Town, Mt. Vernon, Del Ray, Rosemont, Arlandria; Gunston Hall, Rose Hill, Cameron Station, Van Dorn, Kingstowne, Hollin Hills, Belle Haven, North Ridge, Franconia, Potomac Yard, West End, and the Eisenhower Avenue corridor, and Fort Hunt

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