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A Cleaning Company You Can Trust

Trust is essential in relationships. It’s a foundation from which individuals and businesses build through every interaction they have with each other. The importance is magnified when hiring a company that comes into your home, especially when you aren’t there. We encounter this situation daily and understand your anxiety. Worry not! At Maid Brigade, our team works diligently to alleviate your concerns and, at every opportunity, earn, build upon, and always keep your trust. If you’re wondering how, call us to learn or continue reading for more information.

Maid Brigade is a company that earned its place atop the residential cleaning service industry through hard work, perseverance, honesty, and being part of the communities we service. Our franchises have cleaned homes in local communities throughout the U.S. and Canada for over 30 years. We’ve been here through tough times and aren’t going anywhere. It’s with great pride that our cleaning teams enter homes like yours on a daily basis and improve lives by providing healthier living environments in which to live and raise families.
Few companies can honestly claim to be innovators in their industry. We can! Maid Brigade recognized early the need for a healthier way to clean. Many traditional cleaning solutions were leaving potentially toxic chemicals in homes and few understood their potential (harmful) impact. This revelation is what inspired us to go back to the drawing board and create a way to ensure that ‘clean’ truly meant it. From our efforts to reduce the levels of toxins in your home and still provide a sparkling clean came Green Clean Certified®. Yet another reason to trust Maid Brigade.
Another source of pride is our employees. It’s a subject that many others, unfortunately, don’t talk about. We have wonderful women and men working for us who are upstanding members of their communities. Our staff consists of parents, children, siblings, community volunteers, survivors, and more. Because we value them so much, every member of our cleaning team is an employee of the company. We, also, invest in them as professionals and individuals They go through a thorough interview process to ensure that each member of the team will positively contribute to the established culture. We, also, train every individual to ensure they understand proper cleaning techniques, equipment, and solutions before stepping foot in a customer’s home. And to add another level of protection for our customers, our cleaning teams are bonded and insured which means that you don’t have to worry if there’s the rare accident. We hope this is further peace of mind for you and yet another reason to trust Maid Brigade with your home cleaning.

Questions to Ask Yourself Before Hiring a Cleaning Company

Today’s homes have a wide variety of surfaces and require experts who are trained to know which cleaning products are safest and most effective. Ask yourself these questions before hiring a maid service:
  1. Are the house cleaners adequately trained? Ours are!
  2. Do they have adequate insurance in case one of the cleaners hurts herself or damages an item in my house? Ours do!
  3. Have the house cleaners undergone a background check? Ours have!
  4. Is the company big enough that, if my cleaner is sick, a replacement is available so my house can be cleaned on schedule? Ours is!
  5. Does the company have an office manager that is easily accessible if I have a comment, request, or need the cleaners to come on a different day or perform some additional tasks? Ours does!
Many cleaning companies start out doing a great job but their service quality deteriorates over time. We make sure that this doesn’t happen. Our green clean professionals conduct a consultation to understand your unique needs and follow-up regularly to ensure that our service always meets expectations. We take your satisfaction seriously. If there is ever a concern, we address it immediately. This includes returning and re-cleaning the area for free.
If you’re looking for consistent, reliable and affordable house cleaners that you can trust, hire Maid Brigade!

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