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What’s Different About Maid Brigade?

"It's about the customer. Every time."

Maid Brigade believes this and lives it every day! The concept seems so simple, yet many house cleaning companies fail to deliver. It takes a commitment from top leadership to front-line employees working together, ensuring that customers are treated fairly with dignity, respect, and appreciation. We believe, if every interaction is governed by these ideals, our company and our employees will earn your trust. It’s what we strive for daily! Call today to learn more.

For everything we do, the ultimate goal is to earn your respect and trust; otherwise, we aren’t successful. Consistent, reliable, thorough, and affordable are all part of our business philosophy. Not only will we leave you with a cleaner and healthier home, our maids remove the burden of housework from your schedule. It’s an instant quality of life enhancer! Now there’s finally time to relax with the family, take a few hours to yourself, or simply sleep-in (when did that last happen!). Choose how you want to spend the time; after all, you’re back in control.

Another difference in Maid Brigade is our experience. With 35 years under our aprons, we’ve learned a lot and now share that knowledge with you. All of our maids undergo a thorough hiring process with background checks and a detailed training program before ever stepping foot in your home. Also, every member of our cleaning team is an employee of the company which means you, the homeowner, have no added responsibilities beyond enjoying the sparkle of a recently green cleaned home. To provide even more peace of mind, our entire house cleaning staff is bonded and insured when they step through your front door. We use Green Clean Certified® products and equipment for the best and safest clean. And just in case an oversight occurs, our work is guaranteed.

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