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Featured Franchise of North and West Las Vegas

                North and West Las Vegas, NV is home to the Cross family Maid Brigade team.  The family owned and operated business has been an A+ member of the Better Business Bureau for 5 years now! The Crosses took on ownership of a Maid Brigade cleaning service so they could have the freedom to pursue things that a 9-5 job wouldn’t allow as well as improve their quality of life. When they aren’t focused on Maid Brigade house cleaning you can find the Cross family cooking, at dog shows, dining and dancing.

                The Cross family takes great pride in having one of the lowest turnover rates and absenteeism percentages in the Maid Brigade system. Their green cleaning teams are credited with the overall client satisfaction, quality and consistency that their customers rave about! You can also find the family along with some of their cleaning teams at conventions and expos a few times a year in the Las Vegas area.

                Maura Bivens holds a special place in the hearts of the Cross family and they were happy to help her in her time of need. The mother of 2 boys was diagnosed with breast cancer and the Crosses we able to raise about $2000 in a pre-paid account for her. The money from that account made it possible for Maura to receive green home cleaning services while she was going through chemotherapy. The Crosses are happy to say that she is doing very well today!

If you’d like to contact the Crosses to have your home green cleaned they service the North, West and Southwest Las Vegas areas, as well as Silverado Ranch.

Check out the special offer they have for you!

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