A Connected Home

Artificial intelligence is an amazing thing. We prefer to ask Siri questions instead of others, Alexa knows our favorite songs and now we have introduced AI into our homes in the form of “Smart Thermostats.” Many of these different smart home devices can learn and respond to temperature preferences with the idea that using a smart thermostat will save [...]

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    Take our survey for a chance at $1000 in free house cleaning

  • The trend towards shared responsibility inside the home may contribute to the uptick in self-reported scores on well-being, according to early findings in Maid Brigade's 2016 consumer survey.

Take our survey for a chance at $1000 in free house cleaning

Each year Maid Brigade conducts a consumer survey to better understand the audience we serve, in an effort to maximize our value as a solution to consumers’ need for a clean and healthy home. This year, we want to take a look at how certain domestic factors influence well-being.

Although the survey is still underway, an early trend suggests that [...]

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Maid Brigade welcomes the Green Cleaning Coach

We’ve collaborated in the past with Leslie Reichert, the Green Cleaning Coach, to create content and videos for fans of DIY house cleaning to leave your home not only cleaner but safer. Now, Maid Brigade is proud to officially welcome Leslie Reichert to our blogging community. Leslie is a cleaning expert who uses her sparkling personality, great sense of humor and contagious passion [...]

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    Celebrating Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday All-In-One

Celebrating Small Business Saturday and Giving Tuesday All-In-One

Maid Brigade’s NW Houston Franchisees Honored as a Small Business Giving Back

The Fordices, Maid Brigade’s Northwest Houston franchisees, were among six Texas based small businesses honored at the 29th annual Lone Star College Small Business of the Year awards banquet November 19, 2015. A total of six small businesses were selected for the award — one representing each of [...]

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    National Housecleaning Giant Closes One Day After US Department of Labor Ruling on Misclassification of Contract Workers

National Housecleaning Giant Closes One Day After US Department of Labor Ruling on Misclassification of Contract Workers


Just one day after the US Department of Labor published updates to federal classifications clarifying its definitions of employees versus independent contractors, one key player in the new “gig economy” bows out. HomeJoy, a click-to-consume app-driven company that pairs house cleaning providers with consumers in need, conceded its bid to revolutionize the home services industry in a press release [...]

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A Giant Step in Ingredient Disclosure

SC Johnson, the manufacturer of household cleaners like Glade, Pledge, Windex and Shout, recently made a huge step in the right direction by voluntarily listing fragrance ingredients found in its products on their website, called www.WhatsinsideSCJohnson.com.  The move is designed to help consumers make more informed choices.

Ingredients in fragrances can cause a wide variety of health problems, ranging from [...]

Who Wants Free Housecleaning?

It’s finally here!  Maid Brigade has officially launched it’s fifth annual consumer survey in hopes of getting a better understanding of consumers and the factors that define their well-being.  Consumers who wish to complete this quick but informative online survey will automatically be entered into a random drawing to win $1,000 in house cleaning from Maid Brigade OR $1,000 [...]

American Colleges Are Going Green

Let’s face it. Going green is in. Not only are more Americans changing to eco-friendly ways at home and work, but schools are getting in on protecting our planet. In fact, many of America’s colleges are not only inspiring students to learn about caring for our environment, they are taking initiatives in changing the colleges themselves to be more [...]

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Win $300 to REI with Our Great Outdoors GIVEAWAY 2014!

Hey Maid Brigade readers! Check out this awesome giveaway we have for you. Tell us your favorite way to stay active outdoors, and we will give you $300 to REI! Just fill out the form below, and BOOM! You’re entered. Good luck!


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Your Guide to Arbor Day 2014

The first Arbor Day took place on April 10, 1872 in Nebraska. Julius Sterling Morton, a journalist and politician, felt that Nebraska's landscape and economy would benefit from the wide-scale planting of trees. He set an example by planting orchards, shade trees and wind breaks on his own farm and wanted his neighbors to do the same.
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