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Q & A with Maid Brigade of Las Vegas Franchise Owner

As a top performing Maid Brigade location and the 2022 Franchisee of the Year, Maid Brigade of Las Vegas owner, Brandon Cross, has made it his mission to be the most trusted and reliable cleaning service company servicing the Las Vegas Valley. Since opening in 2006, Brandon and his team have grown from a small business into a large-scale operation that continues to bring the same quality and trusted cleanings they began with. We spoke with Brandon about his location’s success and what makes Maid Brigade the cleaning service that you can trust.

Question: How long has Maid Brigade of Las Vegas been in business:

Answer: We just celebrated 17 years in Las Vegas last month and we’ve been servicing the Henderson Valley area since 2020.

Question: What are some of the top reasons why people hire a cleaning service?

Answer: Time is money. Do people want to clean their house for three hours on Saturday or do they want to spend three hours with their family? Even more than time, it’s a form a therapy in a way. Many of us know what it’s like to work for twelve hours and come home to a dirty house, screaming kids, and dogs. If you come home to a house that’s dirty too, it’s even worse. But if you come home and the house is clean, you can focus on your family.

Question: What makes a Maid Brigade cleaning non-toxic and safe, as opposed to using cleaning products you may find at the store?

Answer: We are able to create all of our cleaning products on-site using an electrolyzed water generator. Our PUREcleaning system uses e-water which is a zero-residue product, so we leave nothing behind on your surfaces. There’s no dangerous residue on the floors for pets. If a customer asks, “Why doesn’t my house smell clean?” the truth is that your house shouldn’t smell clean. If your house smells clean, it’s because you have perfumes and chemicals in the air that you breathe. Using electrolyzed water, you may smell a slight hint of chlorine because of the hypochlorous acid, but there are no harmful chemicals or dyes used in our cleanings.

Question: What can someone expect from your team on their first cleaning with Maid Brigade?

Answer: They can expect to have a positive experience with us that hopefully makes them want to do business with us in the future. We show up in wrapped cars, uniforms, and our teams are friendly with our customers. They greet the customers and they say hi to the pets.

Over 90% of our communication is done by text, but we communicate however is necessary for the customer. We communicate with customers the day before, they’re going to know a two-hour window of our arrival, and if they need us to, we’ll text on the way to their house. We’ll also text during the clean if there are any questions. We can also text after we’re done if the customer needs us to so they can come lock the house.

Question: Your location has grown significantly in the last few years and you were 2022 Franchisee of the Year, how have you successfully maintained the same quality service through your growth and success?

Answer: We have a system that will work with 2 teams the same way it will work with 15 teams. We don’t overwhelm our teams with work, and we make sure each team’s travel efficiency is top-notch from house to house. Electrolyzed water has also helped streamline our system. We used to have so many cleaning products that it complicated everything. E-water makes it easier and more efficient. If we grew another 40%, I don’t see our quality changing.

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