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Why did Maid Brigade Go Green? – Part I

You would think that Maid Brigade, being a national house cleaning service, that “Going Green” would have registered on our radar a lot sooner than 2006!  Well it didn’t.  But all it took was the passion from one of our Maid Brigade franchisees to bring it to the forefront of our future.  Russ Biaggne and Matt Orem, owners of Maid Brigade in Boise, ID, also own a very successful commercial cleaning company as well and were the instigators of Maid Brigade going Green along with another forward thinker, Randy Roth, owner of Maid Brigade in Oceanside, California.

During our 2006 mid-year convention in Las Vegas, Matt Orem happened to be in my discussion group of franchisees.  We were having an open discussion meeting about the problems, concerns and new ideas revolving around owning a maid and house cleaning service.  Frankly, I hadn’t met Matt before and was getting annoyed with this guy that kept trying to tell us about the new “Green Cleaning” concepts and solutions on the market. It wasn’t on MY agenda and why would I want to change the way I was doing everything in my business?  I was just getting into the groove of my business and thought this tree hugging guy was obviously nuts.  But  Matt was persistent and passionate about it, because no matter what I did to divert the topic to something I wanted to talk about, we always came back to Matt and talking “Green”.

Read more about our Green Cleaning history in Part II of Why Did Maid Brigade Go Green?

Go to to hear my podcast about Maid Brigade, Milwaukee, WI and Green Cleaning!  

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