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Declutter and Clean Your Fridge

While you are busy detoxing your body and cleaning out your closets, why not green clean the fridge too? Looking into an over filled fridge can be as stressful as looking into a cluttered closet.  Get rid of that food that’s gone rancid in the fridge as well as the unhealthy food once and for all!

  1. First pick out the foods that are past date or you know you don’t plan on eating and get rid of them. Recycle or reuse as many containers as possible. Note what you’re throwing out and cut back on purchasing so much of those items in the future.
  2. Remove all the food from the fridge so that you can really get to scrubbing it. Put the food that needs to stay cold in a cooler.
  3. Using white vinegar and baking soda along with a few old rags, start scrubbing!  Make sure not to skip the shelves or drawers.
  4. Unplug and move the fridge away from the wall and vacuum under the fridge as well as the coils behind it. This is a good way to increase efficiency. The refrigerator consumes about 8 percent of a home’s electricity. It is the single most energy-intensive appliance. Refrigerators use up a lot of energy while making the coldness.
  5. Use vinegar in a spray bottle to give the outside of the fridge a good scrub as well.

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