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What Harmful Chemicals Are You Cleaning With?

Most people go to great lengths to keep their home smelling fresh and looking clean, but did you ever wonder what you are actually cleaning your home with?

For years, consumers kept their houses clean to ward off disease and infection by using a wide variety of cleaning products and disinfectants.  Today, the cleaner is frequently more dangerous than the things we are trying to clean up.  The conventional cleaning supplies lurking under your sink may contain a potent mix of chemicals that aren’t even listed on the product itself.  Most of the time, people have no idea what they are spraying around the house.

Senator Al Franken and Congressman Steve Israel introduced the Household Product Labeling Act (H.R. 3057) which would require household cleaning products to carry labels that list all of their ingredients.  Moms and Dads have the right to know whether harmful chemicals are present in their kitchen cupboards, and this bill is just a commonsense measure to help parents keep their kids safe and healthy.

Current law requires product labels to list immediately hazardous ingredients, but there is no labeling requirement for ingredients that may cause harm over time, which means what you use to wash cribs, pacifiers, floors and surfaces with may not be as healthy and clean as you think.

To learn more about the Household Product Labeling Act, please go to Maid Brigade’s Green Clean Certified website at  Let us know how you feel about this bill.

Maid Brigade cares about the health of your family.  For tips and ways to green clean your home without using toxic chemicals, please read more tips at


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