Healthy Sleeping Habits

“Spring Forward” (daylight saving time) happened a month ago. But if your sleep patterns are still disrupted, you’re not alone. Even though we set our clocks ahead an hour, every other day gets longer just a few minutes at a time. Our bodies adjust to compensate, but the internal changes respond to the gradual changes as daylight extends.

For most [...]

Support Your Immune System to Fight Colds and Flu

How can you get through the rest of this cold and flu season season without getting sick? By boosting your immune system in three ways:

Eat Nutritious Foods. Nothing tastes better than a warm bowl of delicious soup. Homemade chicken soup is not only filling, but aids in reducing inflammation. Chicken stock helps relieve upper respiratory tract infections.

Lemons, berries, citrus [...]

Inflammation and your body

Believe it or not, inflammation can be a good thing.

Inflammation is a part of our immune system. It is a vital part of a healthy body’s natural healing response to infection or injury. Without inflammation, wounds and infections would never heal.

Inflammation can either be acute (isolated and finite) or chronic (occurring over a longer period of time).  such as [...]

Food and inflammation

As with many health issues, listening to your body is key to knowing how to reduce or even prevent it. Knowing what your body needs is the number one factor in nurturing your body for a healthy balance over your lifetime.

Inflammation is a normal part of our body’s immune response, however, too much inflammation over time can lead to [...]

7 Healthy Habits to Combat Cognitive Decline

As we age, trying to live a healthy lifestyle seems to be the goal of many Americans. After all, heart disease is a major concern for adults fifty and over these days. But what about keeping our minds healthy? As humans age, many will lose some degree of cognitive capacity. Fortunately, a proactive approach, such as adopting lifestyle habits, [...]

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Complete well-being

“Take care of your body.  It’s the only place you have to live.”  ~ Jim Rohn

Living healthy doesn’t just mean eating right and exercising.  According to the World Health Organization, living “healthy” is a state of complete physical, mental, and social well-being.  Living a healthy lifestyle is all about making good choices and taking responsibility for your decisions.  If [...]

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Drowning in A World of Sugar

As I packed the last bag of groceries in my car, I glanced over at the long line of cars at the Starbuck’s drive-thru. “Just another normal day over there,” I said to myself. The drive-thru line is a constant, never ending line of cars, all day, every day until the evening hours begin.

What could possibly be so good [...]

DIY Green Baby Wash – Safe Enough to Eat

August is historically the month with the highest number of births and this past year was no different, according to the CDC. So now is a good time to share a letter I received recently from a young couple doing the hard work of finding out what exactly is in their cleaning and cleansing products. For anyone caring for [...]

20 Natural remedies for poison ivy

Leaves of three, can’t stop me!
I love my garden. It’s my work of art, my sanctuary, and my “go to” spot for a quick stress reliever. However, when I started my gardening a few months ago, something changed. I started having an allergic reaction to the soil and the beautiful shrubs in it. I was told I had [...]

Natural Remedies for Stings, Bites and Itches

Mosquitos, spiders, and bees, oh my! It must be summertime!

Picture perfect (albeit hot) weather, beautiful assortment of flowers, and great smelling food on the barbeque. The only thing that could prevent relaxing and having fun is the insects that come with this great season. And when there are insects, there may be insect bites.

Don’t let a few insect bites [...]