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Keeping Kids Healthy This School Year

August 29, 2018

It’s that time of year when our kids are getting ready to go back to school. One of the biggest concerns for parents around this time is how to keep them germ-free at school. With the right information and the right tactics your children can stop germs in their tracks. Teach your children these important steps to keep themselves healthy this year!

Wash Hands Often & Correctly – Doctors all agree that hand washing is the most effective way to stop the spread of germs. It’s also the best way to remove germs from your hands. Since schools are full of ‘germy’ items, (we see you handrails and water fountains) it’s a good idea to teach your children effective hand washing techniques. Just putting some soap on your hands and doing a quick rinse with cool water does not constitute correct hand washing. Using a lathering soap and warm water are essential. Lather the soap for a minimum of 20 seconds, which is the standard given by the CDC website on handwashing. Some classrooms have a sink where the students can wash their hands without disrupting the flow of the day.

Keep Hands Away from Your Nose and Face – Since you never know where the germs are, a good habit is to avoid putting your hands anywhere near your face. Teach your children to keep their hands and fingers away from their nose and mouth.

Cover Your Mouth – Seeing an uncovered sneeze or cough can make someone run out the door. Remind your child to always sneeze or cough into their elbows to keep germs from spreading.

Maintain a Healthy Diet – Eating healthy foods like fruits and veggies will help their bodies be ready to fight off an infection should they get one.

Get a Good Night’s Sleep – Go to bed early and make sure their little bodies are rested and strong.  Viruses survive in bodies with weak immune systems.

Exercise Regularly – Have your kids get lots of exercise and have them do it outside so they get fresh air. This will keep their bodies strong and ready to fight off colds and flu. Consider giving your child the opportunity to join a school sports team. It is not only a healthy activity but great for teamwork and building lasting friendships.

Clean and Vacuum Bedrooms with All-Natural Cleaning Products and a HEPA Rated Vacuum – Clean your entire home with all-natural cleaning products. Nighttime is when your body gets to rest and repair itself. It doesn’t need to be fighting with the chemicals found in traditional cleaning products while it’s trying to rest.  Instead use microfiber and a HEPA rated vacuum to clean the dust and dirt out of the room. Maid Brigade only uses HEPA rated vacuums and green cleaning products that will leave your home healthy and clean.

Feeling Sick? Keep the Germs at Home – While this seems like an obvious one, many kids and adults go to school or work when they’re sick. Make a new family rule that if you are sick you stay home. Don’t expose your student’s classmates to your germs. Take the time to let your kids recover completely before sending them back to school. All of your fellow parents will truly appreciate it.

Back to school time should be filled with learning and excitement, not germs! We want to help make your child’s school year the healthiest and most successful one yet. Having a clean home is another step to keeping the germs at bay. Maid Brigade provides house cleaning services for busy families. Our healthy cleaning products will leave your home sparkling and check one more item off your to-do list.


For more great cleaning tips, check out the Green Cleaning Expert, Leslie Reichert at

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