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Famous People Choosing Greener Lifestyles

In honor of August’s Women’s Equality Day, I decided to write about three eco-friendly celebrity moms who are doing their part in caring about our environment by living a green lifestyle.

After Jessica Alba’s second child was born, she created, a website filled with toxic-free products made from safe and natural chemicals, that are safe for your family.

Jessica’s site also provides information on her Honest baby products and household items.  She also works with her company and activists to drum up support for the Safe Chemicals Act, to help you find toxic-free products for your baby, no matter what brand you prefer.

Julia Roberts has created an unbelievably eco-friendly mansion.  She upgraded her existing Malibu mansion with sustainably harvested materials, recycled tiles, solar panels, and energy-saving appliances.  Celebrities are often the biggest culprits of our country’s pollution and waste, so Julia is making a big change, which will hopefully inspire fellow celebrities to do the same.

Michelle Obama is using her First Lady power to create a better earth and healthier lifestyles for all of us.  In a way to teach children about locally grown fruit and vegetables, Michelle planted a vegetable garden on the South Lawn of the White House.  She also wears environmentally friendly nail polish!

Celebrity moms aren’t the only ones who care about the environment. Activism is one of Brad Pitt’s favorite past times.  He is known for his contributions to building eco-friendly homes in New Orleans after Katrina hit. Colin Firth, who is partnered with Eco Age, works as a Global Ambassador to help families build bamboo homes around the world.  Cameron Diaz drives a Prius purchases carbon offsets when she travels.

There are plenty of celebritiesthat use their money for the good of our environment.  Who is your favorite celebrity?  Do they live an eco-friendly lifestyle?  How do they contribute to our environment?  Be inspired and get involved!

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