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Featured Franchise of Boise

Our latest Featured Franchise is Maid Brigade of Boise owned by Russ Biaggne. A native of Boise, Russ and his wife Laurie have two children—Austin (15) and MacKenzie (11). Russ is quite the outdoorsman! He enjoys skiing, playing softball and soccer, camping, fishing and hunting, but of course his favorite activity is spending time with his family.


Maid Brigade of Boise holds a special place in our hearts and a special role in the history of our company. Russ’ office is the original green cleaning Maid Brigade! He brought the idea to Home Office in 2006 and we quickly realized the benefits for our customers, employees and the environment. Maid Brigade of Boise was a big help as we developed our Green Clean Certified® cleaning system.


Russ and his office are also well-loved in the local community. Maid Brigade of Boise supports several organizations including: FC Nova—a soccer club for kids 4-18; Women’s Fitness Celebration—the country’s largest, women’s only race/walk; and Camp Rainbow Gold—a year-round getaway for kids who’ve been diagnosed with cancer.


Want to read more about Maid Brigade of Boise and get some great deals? Click here!

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