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Featured Franchise of West Chester

               The Denlinger family is the owner of the West Chester, Pennsylvania Maid Brigade. These lifelong residents of Chester County, Pennsylvania are proud to serve their community, friends and neighbors! The entire family enjoys photography, animals and nature. You can find them with the family dog on nature walks and hanging out at Marsh Creek State Park or Valley Forge National Park. You can also find their West Chester Maid Brigade cleaning team at the Chester County Moms Baby Show Extravaganza as well as Wagsworth Manor Yappy Hours!

                Family time is extremely important to the Denlingers and that’s why they became a Maid Brigade franchise owner. They chose the Maid Brigade family because they thought it’d be fun to take on the task of cleaning their customers’ homes to give their clients more quality time with their friends and families. The West Chester Maid Brigade has been with us for a while and this year they will be celebrating their 20th anniversary!

                The Denlingers are no strangers to the Maid Brigade community, winning the Top Gun Award three times! The West Chester Maid Brigade is actually planning an annual awards banquet of their own in order to recognize their employees’ accomplishments over the past year. Awards are given out for everything from Best Team of the Year to Happiest Person. This year three employees will be celebrating 10 years with the company and 5 employees will be celebrating 9 years with the company which will make this year’s awards ceremony even more special! The Denlingers always try to make their green cleaning teams feel welcome and a part of the family when they come to work and take pride in that.

The Maid Brigade of West Chester, PA services all of Chester County and certain areas of Delaware County and New Castle County, DE.

Check out the special offer the Denlingers have for you!

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