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Many of you follow the radio show I have with Leslie Reichert, the Clean Green Talk Show. Well, we have good news: Leslie Reichert and Marie Stegner are pairing up again!

MomCorps, the professional staffing and career development firm, has invited Leslie and me to be panelists for their MomCorps University webinar titled “Green Cleaning in No Time:  The Professional  Woman’s Guide to Managing a Clean Home.”  We will be educating our guests on managing and keeping a healthy, clean, and green home.  I am so excited to be working with MomCorps again!  After all, it is through MomCorps that I found my position as Maid Brigade’s Consumer Health Advocate.

MomCorps newest initiative MomCorpYOU offers professionals a one-stop online resource for enhancing their careers, finance, health and wellness.  According to MomCorps, learning how to manage these factors is key to achieving work-life satisfaction.  Through their educational platform, subscribers to MomCorpsYOU have access to online coaching, live career chats, articles, toolkits, and discussion forums from some of the nation’s top thought leaders in these arenas.

MomCorpsYOU content like our webinar is normally accessible only by subscription, but as a MomCorpsYOU sponsor, Maid Brigade can offer our social media followers free access to this session!

During our webinar, Leslie and I will be covering all sorts of green cleaning topics, such as:

  • The importance of green cleaning and why it is so important for your family’s health and the environment
  • Indoor air pollution
  • How to avoid hidden toxins in professional cleaning products that are harmful to the air we breathe
  • A systematic approach to cleaning, which breaks down certain cleaning tasks that should be covered daily, weekly, and monthly.

After all, we all know how to clean and organize, but most of us don’t want to spend all of our time doing it.  Learning to follow a systematic approach to cleaning will help free up some much needed “me” time so you can do the things you enjoy doing instead of cleaning.  Your home will also remain clean, healthy, and guest-worthy all week long!

Another interesting topic we will be covering is how to get powerful results from cleaning solutions that are safe enough to eat.  For example, did you know you can shine your wood furniture with mayonnaise and olive oil, or clean the bottom of your copper pans with ketchup?  How about shining your leather shoes with a banana peel?  Interesting, isn’t it?

Leslie and I have also compiled check lists, a shopping list, and recipes for non-toxic homemade green cleaning solutions that will help you get your cleaning tasks done and done WELL.  We will help you turn your stressful cleaning chores into enjoyable tasks with huge results.  You will have access to five videos that cover quick and easy cleaning tips that you can do at home, like how to clean pet hair off of upholstered furniture and area rugs using a splash of vodka and a rubber glove.  At the end of the webinar we will be answering all your tough green cleaning questions so you can clean your home with ease.

Our fun and entertaining webinar will be held on Thursday, March 27, 2014, from 1:00pm to 2:00 pm.  All you have to do is click here!

Leslie and I are looking forward to this wonderful opportunity MomCorps has given us because there is nothing we like more than to educate families on the importance of healthy green cleaning. We hope you can tune in!

But wait, there’s more!

Would you like to win a personalized day planner from May Designs and $75 to Whole Foods in addition to your free entry to the webinar? Then head over to our Facebook Page and enter our Green Cleaning in No Time promotion, where you just have to tell us your favorite time management tip. Enter now through March 19 to be entered.

Maid Brigade employees are not eligible to win. Winner will be selected at random and announced on March 21. If you are selected, you will be notified via Facebook OR email. If you do not respond within 24 hours, another winner will be selected in your stead.


Good luck, and we’ll see you on the 27th!

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