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Home Cleaning for Your Children’s Health

As a home cleaning specialist going “Green” and trying to educate the public (my maid service customers) was a challenge.

With so many products and information on the market about keeping your home bacteria free, many parents seek out common household cleaning products that contain “bacteria killing” chemicals.  Most of these products contain bleach and other toxic chemicals that are harmful to us all, and dangerous to their children.

So an effective educational piece that I use to make my customer’s “get it” about green cleaning is that little ones are still developing, and their organs are smaller than adults.  Yet they are exposed to the same amounts of residual house cleaning chemicals and VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds, which include an array of chemicals that pose a variety of human health hazards) in the home as adults are; in effect they are getting a larger dose.  Infants, toddlers and pets explore the world with their mouths and hands (or paws), so it’s possible for harmful cleaning ingredients to enter their little bodies on a frequent basis.

So think about Amanda, (your 1 year old daughter, or grandchild) sitting in the highchair, happily eating her afternoon snack with her little chubby fingers on the tray! (I can’t wait to be a Grandma!)

How do you want her highchair, your counters, your floors where she’s crawling to be cleaned?  With products that contain bleach, cleaned with cotton or paper towels that just spread the bacteria around and leave dirt, bleach or other toxic chemicals on the surface?  Or do you want to TRULY clean that surface with safe solutions and tools, like Micro Fiber, that leave nothing but a clean surface behind?  To me the choice is clear, GO GREEN, for the protection of your children, your family and the environment! 

Go to for more information about cleaning Green.

That’s why Maid Brigade uses only green cleaning solutions certified by Green Seal to be effective, yet safe for you and your children. Maid Brigade green cleaning solutions contain no carcinogens, reproductive toxins, neurotoxins, endocrine disrupters or skin sensitizers.

But there’s more to making your children’s environment toxin free than using Green Clean Certified solutions.  Green Cleaning is a whole system of cleaning.  At Maid Brigade, we also use Micro Fiber cloths, which not only help to scrub, assist the solutions in killing bacteria, and absorb solutions, they also remove EVERYTHING from the surface they are cleaning.  That means the solutions too, leaving the surface truly free of dirt, bacteria and toxic chemicals!

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