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Our Vacuums Proven 3X Better for Indoor Air Quality

Maid Brigade wanted to know our maids are performing the greenest house cleaning possible in the industry so we hired an independent testing lab (QUEST, which stands for Quality Environmental Services and Technologies) to evaluate our entire cleaning system against three main competitors to determine how “clean” the house really was after each company had performed a regular cleaning visit. 

Particulate sensors were set up in the same locations in the same home to monitor air quality during and after four maid services (of which we were one) performed a regular house cleaning.

Our vacuum (the ProTeam Alpine and ProTeam Sierra) is a closed-cannister, multi-level filtration system – which is a lot of gobbledy-gook that basically means we take dust, dirt, dust mites, pollen and other respiratory irritants OUT of your home, instead of blowing these nasties around in the air. (Ever noticed how dust particles come OUT of a cloth vacuum bag on a traditional upright model?  They get sucked in, but then many of them are forced back out of a cloth bag – you can see them floating in the air if the lighting is just right in your home.)

Not only are our professional-grade vacuums superior to what most home owners can buy, but they are superior to our competitors’.  Three times more particulates were removed from the home with our cleaning system, Green Clean Certified(R), compared to our competitors’cleaning.

It’s important to know that these air particulates can trigger asthma and allergy attacks, or worse.  Our vacuums remove 99.9% of them, and three times more than other professional house cleaning services.  To read more about this, you can follow this link to Maid Brigade’s consumer education site:

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