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Why Did Maid Brigade Go Green? Part II

Matt’s passion about Maid Brigade’s calling to “Go Green” was so compelling that even I started to listen to what he was talking about!  But I still thought no way is this “Green Cleaning” thing going anywhere.  But it was kind of interesting!

So, since I was on Franchisee Advocate Council at the time, it was my responsibility to bring the topic up during  our meeting.  I briefly stated Matt’s case and told our V.P. of Operations, Howard Purdy, that he should talk to Matt about this new Green Cleaning thing. Howard (another one of those tree hugger guys, living in Colorado) was very interested in what Matt had to say. (Drats! – I liked and knew Howard, so why is he so interested??)  So Howard and Matt got together and started talking Green.

Howard was so impressed with Matt and Russ’s knowledge base about the subject that he began to investigate the possibilities.  Russ and Matt’s commercial business was already cleaning Green because of the governments push to incentivize businesses and construction companies to build and run efficient “Green” buildings for the health of the environment and the people working in these buildings.  (See  for more information about the LEED certification process and the Green Building Certification Institute.)

In the meantime, Randy Roth was calling Howard and telling him that Maid Brigade should really start to think about the benefits of Green Cleaning and what it could mean to the house cleaning industry.  Randy told Howard that he had started to experiment with some of the solutions and tools that Green Cleaning uses and said, “this stuff works great.” 

Well it didn’t take long for the Howard, Russ, Matt and Randy to get together and start imagining the possibilities that Green Cleaning and the benefits it could bring to Maid Brigade, its customers and the house cleaning industry.  Howard invited Russ and Matt to hold a informative workshop at Maid Brigade’s 2006 National Convention.   And for the rest of the story…read more about our Green Cleaning history in Part III of Why Did Maid Brigade Go Green?

Go to to hear my podcast about Maid Brigade and Green Cleaning!  

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