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Introducing Marie Stegner, our Consumer Health Advocate

As a pioneer of the green house cleaning movement Maid Brigade sees it as our corporate responsibility to act as advocates for the consumer with regards to the health impact of cleaning chemicals. Most of our primary customers, busy working mothers, have neither the time to research these impacts nor the expertise to interpret scientific data which links certain chemicals to various illnesses.  Yet it is vitally important that you be able to make informed purchasing decisions to reduce potential chemical exposures and protect the health of your family.  Our consumer advocacy mission intends to assemble valuable information on the topic of household chemicals and cleaning products and convey that information in a convenient manner that is easy to understand. Our consumer advocacy web site,, contains numerous articles and videos, and even an interactive quiz on green living. 

In 2010 we are doubling our efforts and have hired a Consumer Health Advocate to help us help busy working moms to achieve a healthier home through green living and especially green cleaning.  Through our research we have come to understand the “2nd shift” phenomenon – working a number of hours cleaning and keeping house after a full day in the paid workforce.  Our Consumer Health Advocate will also help busy moms with work/life balance – because this balance can have so much impact on health. 

Maid Brigade welcomes Marie Stegner as our Consumer Health Advocate.  A registered nurse, professional health and wellness manager and mother of three, Marie answers the call for more consumer education and advocacy related to the impact of common household chemicals on our health and the environment.   Marie came to us through our partnership with Mom Corps, the leader in the flexible employment arena.  She will be blogging for us on a regular basis as well as writing articles, creating videos and even appearing at local events – all to help busy women lead healthier lives and create healthier homes.

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