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Why Did Maid Brigade Go Green? Part III

So how do you go from knowing very little about “Green Cleaning” and getting to being the expert?  It wasn’t easy, but Russ, Matt and Randy passionately motivated everyone at Maid Brigade to “Go Green” for the health of our customers, employees and the earth.

Our President, Bart Puett, and Chairman of the Board, Don Hay, especially saw this as a great opportunity to set ourselves apart from the rest of the house cleaning industry.  So not only could we be good stewards for mother earth, we saw this as our chance to be the “Green Cleaning” leaders in the home cleaning industry.  

After Russ, Matt and Randy held their workshop, Bart and Don immediately put together a Maid Brigade Task Force to investigate, Green systems, vendors, tools, products, industries, and Green Organizations to help educate us on what “Going Green” really means.  It’s really a lot more than just choosing safer house cleaning solutions!

During the investigation process, the committee learned valuable information about the differences between “Green Washing” vs being a truly “Green Cleaning” organization that takes “Green Home Cleaning” to its highest standard.  Standards that will lead us to being certified like the standards that the commercial cleaning industries are being held accountable to, which is Green Seal’s GS-42 Commercial Standard. (Search for GS-49 to learn how Maid Brigade helped Green Seal develop a standard for the residential home cleaning industry.)

Green Washing is when companies use terms like eco-friendly, earth friendly, natural, environmentally friendly, etc. that are false claims or are exaggerated. That’s NOT truly Green. 

Truly Green means that all aspects of your business, your processes, your tools, the way you clean, your solutions, are all in line with the best practices according to the leading Green organizations nationwide.

Check back in a couple of days, on how our Operations and Marketing  department kicked into “Green Gear” for our April 2007 Green Kick-Off!

Visit our  website for more information on being truly Green!

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