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Housekeeping Services: The Secret to Work/Life Balance

Maintaining your household is a full time job. So is taking care of your family. And let’s not forget your actual job. If you have time to do all of that, continue your social life and keep your house spotless…well we’d like to know your secret! But not to worry, for all of us who aren’t super-humans capable of operating on zero sleep, housekeeping services provide a solution. With a housekeeping service around to take care of a large portion of your to-do list, you can find time to relax and also keep your sanity! Work/life balance is a much underrated quality in today’s society and that’s truly a shame. You shouldn’t feel bad about bringing in a housekeeping service. In fact, you should be applauded for recognizing the need for self-preservation and rewarding yourself with some well-deserved time off. And let’s be honest, as nice as it would be for women to go to the spa while housekeeping services clean their homes, the more realistic scenario involves us spending the extra time out running errands.

But don’t just take our word for it…see what real women had to say! Maid Brigade recently partnered with Mom Corps to conduct a survey on Work/Life balance and we found that 60% of respondents rely on a housekeeping service so they can have time for other things on their list. Likewise, 72% of respondents felt they work a “second shift” at home, spending time cooking and cleaning after a full day’s work. And another telling statistic, 75% of women surveyed said they did not have proper work/life balance. Housekeeping services are here to help you achieve that balance; all you have to do is take advantage of them.

Maid Brigade is the Housekeeping Service for You!

Housekeeping services come in all shapes and sizes with a wide range of pricing options and duties performed. How do you know which housekeeping service is right for you? Maid Brigade makes the answer to that question very simple. We perform superior cleanings every time and our quality is guaranteed. Maid Brigade also allows you to customize the cleanings—you choose the chores and special tasks you want performed and we can make it happen.

For more information about Maid Brigade’s housekeeping services, please visit the local estimate page to get in touch with a customer service representative.