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How Much Does a House Cleaning Cost?

What You Get With A Cleaning

Here at Maid Brigade, we know that every home is unique, and no two customers have the same cleaning needs. Since our services are customized to suit each family individually and their budgets, our cleaning rates vary from home to home. Some factors that may affect our cleaning prices include the size of your home, the number of people and pets, and how often you need a cleaning. We have a standardized formula for calculating each individual cleaning estimate.

How Are Cleaning Rates Calculated

We provide our customers with a customized cleaning rate based on how often you want your house or apartment cleaned. Maid Brigade offers weekly, bi-weekly, monthly, and specialized one-time cleaning prices based on your specific needs. Typically, the rate for cleanings go down the more frequently your home is cleaned since less effort is needed with less time between visits.

Do All House Cleaning Visits Cost the Same Amount?

The first house cleaning visit can cost more than subsequent visits. Generally, our maids will need to perform additional cleaning tasks to deep clean your home. That’s why our first house cleaning visit is usually billed on an hourly basis. Your estimate for the house cleaning service visit will be expressed as a cost range. In the event that our maids need more time, we’ll contact you for authorization.

After the initial cleaning, your home’s cleanliness can be easily maintained with our regular visit cleaning tasks. Regular house cleaning visits are charged as a flat fee, and when you contact us for an estimate, you will receive an estimate for both the initial cleaning and the regular house cleaning visits.

Do Our Green Cleanings Cost More?

One question we get a lot is whether green cleaning costs more than a traditional cleaning. Here at Maid Brigade, we believe that everyone should have a healthy home for your family and pets. Green cleaning is our standard. We don't charge extra for the green cleaning products or the advanced cleaning systems used during each visit to keep your family safe and healthy.

Ready to Get Started with a Cleaning?

It’s easy to get a cleaning rate estimate with Maid Brigade! All you need to do is to follow these steps:

  1. Find your local Maid Brigade! Every Maid Brigade office sets their cleaning service prices locally. Before you get started you’ll want to find your closest office.
  2. Complete an estimate form. In order to calculate an estimate, we’ll need some basic information - like what kind of floors you have or how many bathrooms you’d like us to clean. The form only takes a minute or two to complete and it helps know exactly what you’re looking for. When you submit the form, it is sent immediately to your local Maid Brigade. The local owner will calculate your house cleaning rate and reach out to you as soon as possible.
  3. Expect a call from us! After we get your form, all we need to do is jump on the phone with you to confirm your needs and give you customized house cleaning prices for the tasks you’d like us to perform while we’re at your house. We will call you within one business day, but you’ll usually hear from us much sooner – often within an hour if you request house cleaning prices on a business day.