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Quality Maid and Cleaning Services in Laurel, MD

Prepare to Disinfect!

Our Maid Brigade teams are equipped with hospital grade disinfectant and tools that combat bacteria and viruses like the Coronavirus. The most effective system against COVID-19 is thought to be a solution that is successful in killing small and large non-enveloped viruses, as per the United States EPA Emerging Viral Pathogens Guidance. (See

Our electrolyzed water system produces hypochlorous solution, a (non-bleach) disinfectant that is EPA certified and safe for food surfaces, pets, children, & the allergy prone. Call us today for more information on our disinfection process and how we can help maintain a healthier home during and after the Coronavirus pandemic.

If you are looking for consistent, trustworthy home cleaning, you have come to the right place! Hundreds of Maid Brigade customers, just like you, haven’t worried about household cleaning in years. And that’s because our Maid Brigade of Laurel housecleaning professionals have been able to help give time back to our customers so they can do more important things.

3 Ways That Maid Brigade of Laurel Customers Are Different

1. Our customers worry less about their impact on the environment. In fact they feel good about handing over their home cleaning chores to our Green Clean Certified maid service. Our process consists of solutions that won’t leave you inhaling noxious fumes or re-wiping the surfaces due to residues– in fact, “certified green” solutions are dye-free and worry-free. An added bonus, they work as effectively, if not better, than conventional cleaning solutions. We also arrive with high-powered, HEPA-filtered vacuums that remove up to 4X more pollen and allergens than other vacuums. We also use the highest density micro fiber cloths and mop heads – these cloths have an amazing capture system that removes more dirt, residue and bacteria than conventional cleaning cloths. All-in-all, this system for green cleaning translates into a healthier home for you and your family while curtailing the amount of waste being released into our local environment. If you’d like to find out more about our green house cleaning services, just click our Green Clean logo at the top of the page.

2. Our area customers find peace-of-mind knowing that we hand-pick, train, license, bond and insure every one of our professional housecleaners. Most of the maids come to us from ‘referrals’ by tenured maids who have recruited them and whose judgment of character is well-respected. It is our mission to trust our housecleaning professionals before you give us a key to your home.

3. Customers we service spend much less on cleaning equipment or solutions, or do any cleaning themselves for that matter. Unlike other maid services, our professional house cleaners will be available when you need us – that could be for regular weekly, bi-weekly or monthly service as well as a one-time or last-minute housecleaning - even on a Saturday. We work within your time-frame and provide flexibility in scheduling.

Check housecleaning off your list. To schedule local green house cleaning services, gift certificates, or learn more about our services - please contact call our office today.

Areas Serviced: Laurel including Beltsville, Bowie, Cherry Hill, College Park, Fort Meade, Glen Dale, Goddard, Greenbelt, Huntley, Lanham, Mitchelville, Montpelier, Russell, Savage, Scaggsville, Walker Hill and Woodlawn.

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