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Introducing Our PUREcleaning® System

Maid Brigade pioneered the cleaning industry by being the first to introduce our Green Clean Certified™ system. Now, we’re the first to advance to PUREcleaning® Triple Protection System that is proven to disinfect & protect your space against harmful bacteria, viruses and odor causing bacteria.

PUREcleaning is a revolutionary 3-Step comprehensive house cleaning system. It uses an EPA registered hospital grade disinfectant and electrolyzed water solution that combats dust and grime build up, and then offers true disinfection. Electrolyzed water is completely toxin free and used in Steps 1 and 2 of our PUREcleaning® process.

We are taking cleaning to an even more advanced level with Step 3, protecting surfaces with a fine mist invisible barrier to keep your space less vulnerable from re-contamination of harmful microbes. Our BioProtect500 is also EPA registered and safe for pets, allergy prone, and food surfaces and can be added to your cleaning upon request.

Step One: Clean

Our green cleaning certified products remove dust, dirt and grime from your surfaces without leaving any residue behind. Maid Brigade has been leaving homes and public spaces in Upper Marlboro sparkling for over 30 years. A+ Better Business Bureau rated and hundreds of 5-star ratings on google, you can trust a shining clean to us. Our cleaning is specialized to degrease and breakdown grime and oils that build up over time, prepping surfaces for optimal condition to receive disinfection. We use color coded cloths to avoid cross contamination and HEPA vacuums that have 4X the dust busting power.

Step Two: Disinfect

Now included in every cleaning, Maid Brigade introduces PUREmist® technology to make your space even healthier and safer. With the use of electrostatic PUREmist technology, we are proud to introduce a game-changer in the traditional cleaning process. We apply an electrostatically charged fine mist of hospital grade disinfectant to the high touch point areas of the home.

Our micro mist application wraps and bonds to areas (that are unreachable by traditional pump sprayers) and eliminates the need to wipe away remaining liquid after appropriate kill (dwell) time has occurred.

The application of our EPA registered, hospital grade disinfectant has the fighting power necessary to help slow the spread of harmful viruses like COVID-19. Even better, our PUREmist Spray System is non-toxic and safe for all surfaces, people and the environment. We offer true disinfection to high touch point and vulnerable areas of your household.

Where we target our PUREmist® Disinfection

  • Light Switches
  • Doorknobs
  • Cabinet Handles
  • Counters
  • Faucets
  • Sinks
  • Appliance Handles
  • Toilet Handles
  • Toilet Seats
  • Stair Railing

Step Three: Protect

* Additional Add-On Service

Take your disinfection one step further with our revolutionary surface protection barrier, BioProtect500. After cleaning and disinfection is complete, the application of BioProtect500 to your high-touch surfaces serves as an antimicrobial barrier to inhibit growth of bacteria & microbes lasting up to 90 days.

Just like our powerful disinfection solution, this water-based protective layer is safe for people and all surfaces. Without this 3rd step and application of BioProtect500, your surfaces are vulnerable to pathogens and re-contamination with every touch, sneeze, or cough that occurs in the space after our disinfection surface. With ongoing cleaning and disinfection, this antimicrobial barrier will be kept in top shape and only needs to be applied every 2-3 months.