Maid Brigade Precautions in Response to COVID-19
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Existing customers: 503-492-0197

We Are Committed to Your Health & Safety

Thank you for trusting Maid Brigade with your home and family. We recognize the ongoing and increased uncertainty that coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing and our highest priority is the health and well-being of all customers and employees. With that in mind, we wanted to update you on the protocol we have implemented:

  • We are allowing only 1 team at a time to enter the warehouse to mitigate the risk of spreading the virus to their teammates. Our office staff is all working remotely.
  • We will not send a sick employee into your home. Employees exhibiting any symptoms will be sent home immediately.
  • To protect our employees and other customers, we will not clean homes if anyone in the home is sick or showing flu-like symptoms. Please call us ahead so that we can reschedule our cleanings going forward.
  • Team members will wear a new pair of disposable gloves & masks while cleaning your home.
  • Team members temperature is taken at the start of every day.
  • As per our normal system, cleaning cloths brought into your home are wash with HOT water, disinfecting soap, vinegar, and Oxi-Clean. Our Microfiber cloths are color coded: Red for Bathrooms, Yellow for Kitchens, Green for use with degreaser, and Blue for glass and mirrors.
  • Our vacuums are certified through the Carpet and Rug Institutes Green Label Program. Their 4-Level Filtration system reduces dust, dust mites, and many allergens from your home.
  • Team members will be required to wash hands with soap and water upon entering the home and before leaving the home.
  • Teams are disinfecting all equipment daily and between each cleaning. At the end of day, all brushes, and vacuum cleaner poles will be disinfected.
  • Teams are disinfecting the interior of vehicles between each cleaning.
  • Our warehouse and office are being disinfected each day after all the teams have gone home.
  • We trained our teams on the importance social distancing and maintaining a 6 ft space between themselves and clients to avoid exchanging germs and viruses.
  • Customer’s keys will be disinfected in the morning before giving them to our teams.