Drowning in A World of Sugar

As I packed the last bag of groceries in my car, I glanced over at the long line of cars at the Starbuck’s drive-thru. “Just another normal day over there,” I said to myself. The drive-thru line is a constant, never ending line of cars, all day, every day until the evening hours begin.

What could possibly be so good [...]

DIY Green Baby Wash – Safe Enough to Eat

August is historically the month with the highest number of births and this past year was no different, according to the CDC. So now is a good time to share a letter I received recently from a young couple doing the hard work of finding out what exactly is in their cleaning and cleansing products. For anyone caring for [...]

20 Natural remedies for poison ivy

Leaves of three, can’t stop me!
I love my garden. It’s my work of art, my sanctuary, and my “go to” spot for a quick stress reliever. However, when I started my gardening a few months ago, something changed. I started having an allergic reaction to the soil and the beautiful shrubs in it. I was told I had [...]

Natural Remedies for Stings, Bites and Itches

Mosquitos, spiders, and bees, oh my! It must be summertime!

Picture perfect (albeit hot) weather, beautiful assortment of flowers, and great smelling food on the barbeque. The only thing that could prevent relaxing and having fun is the insects that come with this great season. And when there are insects, there may be insect bites.

Don’t let a few insect bites [...]

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    Cara’s book recommendations for June: Unlock your brain’s potential

Cara’s book recommendations for June: Unlock your brain’s potential

A 12-step plan to recovering your creativity, fun brain training exercises, a glimpse into the messy minds of creative people and a reason to embrace what makes you unique. 

This month’s book roundup features ways to train your brain, unleash your creativity and reach your potential. As we get older, we exercise our bodies and our opinions, but we often [...]

Healthy living begins now

“I feel fit and healthy.” When was the last time you said that and actually meant it?

No matter how many new year’s resolutions we make concerning our health, we just cannot seem to get it together. We all have good intentions on keeping fit and eating right but unfortunately, unless we make a plan and stick with it, life [...]

Cara’s May Book Recommendations: Fast, Easy, Healthy Food

Fast, easy, healthy food prep with books from celebrities Gwyneth Paltrow & Maria Menounos, as well as a real-food detox plan, clean-eating recipe makeovers, and delicious recipes that take only 6 ingredients and 6 minutes to prepare.
By Cara J. Stevens
This month we are looking to eat healthier without resorting to diets, fads or plans. The idea is [...]

Gearing Up for A Healthy Spring

When we think of things we need to do in the spring, what usually comes to mind is spring cleaning or starting our beautiful gardens. But what about putting ourselves first for a change and think about ways we can stay on the healthy track? After all, our health is the most important thing – all we have to [...]

Cara’s Book Recommendations for April: At-Home Fitness

… a 30-day fitness challenge, yoga that’s for everyone & Navy SEAL training that isn’t, and a way to get taller.  

EDITOR’S NOTE: We know that many of our friends and followers enjoy reading on those rare occasions you find yourself with free time. We’re excited to announce that we’ve found a new contributor to bring you great suggestions [...]

Healthy Trails to You! Part 2…..

In my previous blog, I discussed certain things that we tend to forget about when we travel, such as not drinking the tap water in certain countries, or even avoiding certain foods that were not washed properly. In part two of our travels, we discuss prevention, because prevention is always better than any cure on the market!
Part Two [...]