Toxic Household Dust – It’s in YOUR Home

Do you realize the dust in your home is probably toxic?  The Silent Spring Institute, dedicated to researching the effects of toxic chemicals on health, recently conducted a study testing the presence of 45 synthetic chemicals in household dust. There were 10 chemicals that were present in 90% of the samples tested. This suggests toxic household dust is everywhere.

I [...]

8 surprising tricks to reduce allergy attacks this fall

OR, what do a clothes dryer, a pillow case and a hair dryer have in common?

When the weather turns colder we close our windows and it seems that everyone starts getting sick. Most of the “sickness” is really a reaction to dust and allergens that are hiding in our homes. Hiding??? Yup, hiding throughout your house. If you or [...]

Control Summertime Pests without Chemicals

Summertime heat and humidity brings out all sorts of pests that you don’t want in your home. If you are trying to stay away from toxic chemicals, the last thing you want to use is a toxic pesticide to get rid of them. Here are some natural ways to rid your home from these nasty pests.

There are usually two [...]

Moving Tips – Downsizing Made Easy

For the past three years the highest number of home sales and move-ins have occurred in July and August. That being said, even if you aren’t moving in the next few weeks there may be a time in your future when you will be moving. Being proactive about your home will make moving much less stressful when the time [...]

Moving Maid Easy – Packing the Garage

Getting ready to move can be an overwhelming task. Before starting the packing process every room should be cleaned, organized and purged. Actually, you don’t have to do those steps but I strongly encourage you to do them and in that order.

The garage is one of the hardest rooms to clean, organize and pack before a move, but it’s [...]

New Study on Bed Bugs

Before you purchase your next set of beautiful bed sheets, you may want to reconsider the color of them.

In an interesting but somewhat “humorous” article recently published in the “Journal of Medical Entomology,” researchers concluded through a variety of experiments concerning bed bugs that these little critters may actually prefer one color over another.

According to researchers, when bed bugs [...]

7 Key Questions to End Closet Clutter Crisis

Overcrowded and unmanageable clothing closets happen to everyone at some point in their life. As professional organizers, we have found that it is one of the top reasons our clients reach out for help. And it’s not hard to imagine how most people get into this situation; after all, shopping malls outnumber our high schools in the United States!

There [...]

7 Key Clutter Scenarios and How to Cure Them

As with life, clutter happens. Drawer by drawer, room by room, inside and outside, hidden or visible, clutter begins to creep up and expand right before our very own eyes. The good news is we can actually learn to control the clutter before it takes over our homes by getting down to the root of the problem – ourselves.

According [...]

Do these 4 things daily to keep the bedroom clean

As I lock up the house for the evening and begin walking towards the bedroom, I reflect on the long day I had and how I cannot wait to snuggle under the covers in my bed, turn on the tv and relax. The closer I get to my bedroom door, the happier I get. The only thing that could [...]

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    Do These 5 Things Nightly to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

Do These 5 Things Nightly to Keep Your Kitchen Sparkling Clean

The kitchen is the core of the home. It’s where we drop off our books and bags after a long day at work. It’s where we share our most personal secrets, our best (and worst) home cooked meals, and special occasions formal or informal, planned or spontaneous. The kitchen is the place to be, which is why it needs [...]