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Maid Brigade Adds Video to Green Clean TV™

My last posting was about green “washing” – housecleaning companies that make false or exaggerated claims about the health and/or environmental benefits of their green cleaning service or product.  These days it can be confusing for consumers to distinguish between truly green cleaning companies and those who just claim to be.  Those who want to hire a green service may benefit from Maid Brigade’s latest addition to our Green Clean TV web series, “How to Hire a Housecleaning Service that is TRULY Green”.  Green Living expert and Maid Brigade spokesperson Annie Bond gives consumers five essential questions they can ask prospective housecleaning services to identify whether they are truly green cleaning, or merely “green washing”. 

Visit or to access the video. Additionally, consumers can download our “How to Hire a Housecleaning Service that is TRULY Green” checklist to use when comparing green cleaning services at

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